Hunger Hormone shifts only get worse as you age if you don't do something now to reverse the shift! 
Here's How:
Keep reading to learn why the diet industry wants to keep this information hush hush
The Motivated Metabolism

I can probably guess what your brain is trying to tell you right now, probably something like
"We've heard this before"
"Yea...Right it's just another one of Those Things"


So, let’s do this. Here’s the thing the diet industry cannot afford for you to learn about and fix:

Every single time you’ve lost and gained weight over the years, you have something called hunger hormones that have shifted. For the time being, I’m going to focus on 2 of the 3 hormones that I teach about:

Hormone #1: Leptin

your hunger hormone that’s responsible
to tell your brain when you are full

Hormone #2: Ghrelin

your hunger hormone that’s responsible
to tell your brain when you are hungry
Before you gained or lost any weight these hormones were set at what I like to call “baseline”…meaning they worked at a normal comfortable rate for your body and most likely because of that your metabolism worked well and you were able to eat things you wanted and not stress too much about the outcome.

Even without a lot of extra activity your body kept up fairly well UNTIL…you started eating a little too much of those yummy things and realized you had gained a few extra pounds. And at some point, most women decide that they want to lose those extra pounds they have gained which means they either:
A. Start restricting calories in some way
B. Start increasing activity
C. Both A & B

Sounds Familiar…Right?

So, here’s the thing; when you gained that extra weight your leptin and ghrelin levels actually shifted, and most likely due to the spike in body fat you also had a third hormone called Cortisol that also increased. As I’m sure you’ve heard Cortisol causes a multitude of health issues and the more body fat you gain, the more your Cortisol levels will increase.
Before I get into these nitty gritty details, I want to be very clear about who I help
And why I help them! 
If you:
have lost and gained weight multiple times and cannot seem to figure out how to get out of that vicious cycle then this is for you
can lose weight/body fat but it never stays off and always comes back with a few “extras” then this is for you
are sick and tired of being sick and tired and cannot stand to try 1 more thing that doesn’t give you LASTING results then this is for you
If you:
love dieting and fads that come and go and you enjoy jumping on those wagons then this is not for you
enjoy spending hundreds of dollars over and over and over again on programs and plans that don’t work for the long term then this is not for you


Your bodies main JOB and focus as primitive/cave man body is to keep you alive, comfortable and safe? So, let me ask you a question, if your bodies main job is to keep you alive, safe and have extra storage in case a famine comes, how do you think it feels when you’ve gained a little bit of extra weight?


Your body does not recognize you losing weight and body fat as a good and healthy thing, it actually recognizes it as DEATH!

Because of this the hunger hormones that regulate your body’s ability to burn and lose body fat shift each time you gain that weight so that your body can HOLD ON to that weight to survive!

Think of it like this, on the outside your doing all the things I listed above in A B and C. Your cutting calories, maybe cutting carbs, cutting fats, working out like crazy and I can guarantee your results will be one of two things:
You will be able to lose for a short while because physically the caloric deficit cannot be fought by your body
You will lose, but it won’t be the body fat that you’re losing because your body is holding on to it for dear life because it recognizes what you’re trying to do as DEATH
Inevitably once you stop all the madness of the “diet” and restrictions and all of the extra activity that you cannot possibly keep up with forever you notice not only have you gained back the weight you lost for a short time, but now it’s actually been added to typically something like 2-10 of extra!
This is happening because on the inside the shifting of your hunger hormones has derailed your ability to metabolize and burn fat the way you once could and this is when most women’s gain and lose weight loss cycles begin!


Well before you learn what I’m about to teach you, most likely you would have just keep repeating this cycle over and over and over again, each time damaging your metabolism more and more as the hunger hormones inevitably shift away from their baseline and never return. (that’s right once they’ve shifted, unless you utilize certain scientific methods to reset them, they will never return back to baseline.)

Here’s what I’m saying:

Most everything you’ve learned about dieting, caloric deficit and activity levels is WRONG
You having to work harder, eat less and not enjoy your life is NOT the answer
By staying on the yo-yos and vicious cycles there has been some damage done, BUT we CAN FIX IT!
The way you fix it probably won’t be what you think it is!

HI, I’m Jenny!

Certified Personal Trainer, Health Coach, Holistic Nutritionist, Health/Wellness Author, Pro Athlete, and fitness columnist with 21 years of experience in the health/wellness field.
My mission is to help women around the world regain their health and transform their physiques in a healthy, balanced way that will serve them for the long game. I reside in Ft Worth Texas with my adored husband Shane and our 2 sons.

I have published my own books providing macro-based recipes and meal plans for my clients, but you may have also seen me in past publications such as Ironman Magazine and Flex magazine featuring my success both as an athlete and a trainer/coach. I am also an auto-immune warrior having learned how to manage Systemic Lupus in a pharmaceutical free-way through nutrition, supplementation, and exercise.


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Now, let me tell you a little story.
This is me:
For several years, I competed as a top national physique athlete, eventually earning my pro status.  At this time of my career, I was a personal trainer and physique coach, but I had not yet learned about nutrition and the science of metabolism.
(Personal disclosure note from Jenny:
As a proud follower of Jesus Christ it is important for me to explain the purpose of these photos is to showcase the health journey that I personally went through and how I am equipped to help you get to the other side of your health issues as well because of my own journey.

It is important for me to represent Jesus well and therefore it was important for me to explain that these photos are not being "showcased" with any other intent or purpose other then what was just explained. Thank you.)
Photo 1: I was on stage ripped and lean and scoring a 3rd place trophy on a huge national stage. At this point I had been competing for several years and my regimen was extremely restricted: minimal calories, a lot of cutting out carbs and literally hours a day in the gym.

Back then I simply didn’t know what I didn’t know.

After Photo 1 I received a phone call and was invited to Las Vegas just weeks later to shoot for a major fitness publication. Considering this news, rather then “going back to normal life” after the competition, I stayed on the same diet regimen and continued the 2 hours a day of workouts in the gym hoping that I could show up in tip top shape for the photo shoot.
Photo 2: was the result of that and the way that I showed up for that photo shoot just a few weeks after Photo 1 was taken. As you can see my physique looks much softer. I was exhausted, swollen, bloated, and felt terrible and embarrassed when I showed up for that photo shoot that day. And because of this softer physique, my photos ended up not being published in that publication which was heart breaking for me at that time.

***Here’s the craziest part of this story; in photo 2 I was doing the EXACT same diet and exercise regimen as I was in photo 1, but my body was GAINING weight and body fat!  What in the world was happening? How could that be possible if in fact it’s true that fat/weight loss is all about calories in/calories out?
Photo 3: 15 years later after birthing 2 children and spending years researching and discovering why this metabolic shut down had happened to me in my 20’s I threw on my old competition suit for fun and snapped this photo! I am fit, lean, healthy, and happy. I work out 20-30 mins a few days a week as my busy life/schedule allows and am simply following a balanced eating lifestyle that does not restrict me in any way!
I figured out why this metabolic slow down happened to me and why it happens to so many other women, especially after years of gaining and losing weight and trying and failing at multiple “diets”.
Who am I to tell you how to fix this?
Am I an MD?
No, I am not.
Am I a Nutritionist?
Yes, I am.
Am I a Personal Trainer?
Yes, I am.
Am I a Health/Wellness Coach?
Yes, I am.
Do I have personal experience with this issue?
Yes, I do.
Have I overcome this issue?
Yes, I have.
Have my results lasted for years?
Yes, they have
Have I taught others the same scientific methods that actually work?
Yes, I have.
Can you expect this to be the FOREVER fix that you’ve been endlessly searching for?
Yes, you can.

So, how does this work?

In order to reset these hunger hormones and because of that your body will begin to actually burn fat off consistently and keep it off for good, you have to be able to approach your health and wellness program in a way where your body cannot recognize what you are doing! Meaning, when it recognizes that your “dieting”, or restricting calories, or increasing activity it won’t let go of the fat storage, BUT when you can do it in a way that your body cannot recognize what you are doing not only will it release the fat, but the hunger hormones will actually go back to the way they used to be because your body feels safe, satisfied and comfortable! It does not think your going to DIE because it will not know what you’re up to, and because what we do is so healthy, balanced, and simple it will let go with ease and your body, YES YOUR BODY will inevitably become a fat burning machine!

Why should you trust me?

A simple google search of hunger hormones will pop up numerous articles, journals and information about what I’m talking about. Although I’ve only been able to find 1 other trainer who’s teaching on how to fix the issue. Although my findings initially were through personal experience and a lot of logging, journaling, and “testing”, now that I know what I know this theory is NOT theory at all, it is scientifically shown and proven that once the hunger hormones have shifted there is a metabolic shift due to it.

So therefore, once we are able to trick our body and hunger hormones back to baseline, there is also a metabolic shift that happens but in the POSITIVE direction!
I’m not the only one who’s experienced these changes firsthand check out what a few of my group members have to say:
Alley J – Age 36 – Glenn Rose, TX
This girl y’all…she knows everything about everything. Nutrition, workouts, when to eat, WHAT to eat, how our brains work when we eat certain things and when we starve ourselves, and not to mention THE MILLION questions I come up with myself! She’s so patient and explains things where I can understand them and put them into play in my life. I’m so grateful for her and so grateful for my sweet friend Amy R for introducing me to her so she can help get my health on track! This metabolic reboot is working! I feel my body getting freed of the “junk”! Jenny, I can’t thank you enough for helping guide me through my day to day nutrition in my chaos called life.
Coy G – Age 46 – Lexington, KY
Client of Jenny’s Here! Mother of 3, 46 years old and wanted to 1. Achieve a goal of building muscle but also losing weight. Losing cellulite! A friend of mine recommended Jenny – she listens, she produces a plan, meals n’ workouts. Also extremely supportive and available. On her plan, I’m losing weight and toning up at the same time! I feel fantastic and my skin glows! Yes, my skin, which she doesn’t speak about but prepare to shine.
Liz N – Age 49 – Lexington, KY
Love, love this program!! After trying several different programs either I wasn’t eating enough trying to eat around 1200 calories thinking that’s the answer when all along it was only hurting my progress! I’ve done beach body to fasting programs none helped me if anything I went backwards! Finally feeling like my metabolism is getting back on track thanks to all the help from Jenny! Be patient and trust the process then the magic comes!
Benita C – Age 50 – Lexington, KY
Working with Jenny has been life changing for me, and the Motivated Metabolism took my experience over the top! Her expertise and individual attention helped me learn about my metabolism and how to manage it. This is a lifestyle and consistency over time is key. The progress for me has been gradual – the changes large and small over time have paid off. And the knowledge she generously shares with us is priceless!
Brandi S – Age 43 – Lexington, KY
I am LOVING the workouts!!! I have been doing Faster Way to Fat Loss for quite some time and stopped seeing changes; I had plateaued. With just a couple of weeks of these workouts I’m already seeing changes AND getting stronger!!! Thanks to you Jenny!
Doree G – Age 51 – Parker, CO
She’s awesome will answer your questions, most importantly she gives you the tools to be as successful as you want!!! You can’t go wrong with Jenny she’s the best!!!
*Specific results are not guaranteed. Actual results may vary.
Why should you trust yourself?
One of the many things I’ve learned in my 43 years on this earth is that it is imperative for us to have our own backs. Meaning, we cannot base our decisions on what others will say or think, we must base our decisions on what we feel is best for ourselves and have our own back in that decision.
You really have only a few options here:
Stay where you are now hoping things will improve (ask yourself how long you’ve been waiting?)
Try to figure it out on your own, yet again (ask yourself how that’s been working)
Do nothing (is this really what you want?)
Look at these facts, look at these results, and for just 1 last time, TRUST that this is the thing that will finally make the difference you’ve been longing to have
What’s YOUR part in this?
At the beginning of this I told you that this was the thing that diet industry cannot afford for you learn about.

I stand by that statement 100% because the fact is, once you learn these scientific methods, once you implement them, once you understand what is really going on in your body and why and once you learn the way to shift your hunger hormones back to where they were prior to all of the weight gains and losses, you will NEVER need to do a “diet” ever again!

Although I am your LIFETIME coach here, and I will be with you through this entire process cheering you on, supporting you and answering any questions you have, there are a few things that I cannot do for you:
Show up- this will be entirely up to you to do this and have your own back to trust yourself enough to do this
Stay the course- anything in life worth having takes commitment and consistency, again you must have your own back with this and trust in yourself to do the work
Be willing- I have a lot to teach you and a lot of it might be different then what you’re used to. I need you to be open and willing to receive the coaching that I give and follow the guidelines and strategies as we work together through your journey and process.
* Trust your process, be coachable, do the work, stay sonsistent and enjoy the journey *
What’s different here?
First, as your coach I am going to teach you the exact strategies and methods that are going to reset your hunger hormones and thus fire up your metabolism so that you can lose fat, get lean, sculpt your physique and not only see these things happen for you in the first 4-8 weeks, BUT more importantly they will continue to take place for months and years to come as you continue implementing what you learn into your daily life.

Next, this is a LIFETIME program, which means I am committed to your long-term success if you are! This will not be something that you will have to continue paying for, you pay one time and you’re in for life!

Now, I’ve been doing this a very long time, and I have literally helped and worked with thousands of women over the years. Because of this I know there is another HUGE piece of the puzzle when it comes to the long game, and longevity in your health and wellness goals; YOUR MINDSET!

I feel like at times, this term does get tossed around loosely, but in this group in addition to everything we’ve talked about above, I will also be teaching you a practical thought model that will help you reset habits and thoughts that have sabotaged your efforts over the years.
Your brains main JOB and focus as primitive/cave man brain is to keep you alive, comfortable, and safe?

Does this look/sound familiar??? (Remember above I taught you that your body does the exact same thing?)
You have a body that is sabotaging your efforts through shifting hormones that refuse to release fat, AND you also have a primitive brain trying to sabotage you because it views anything uncomfortable/change as DEATH!

In my member group we deal with this issue head on! I teach you how to recognize all the thoughts that you have about any of your circumstances that trigger feelings and create actions that 100% sabotage your efforts!

It is my professional opinion that even if you have the scientific process mastered with your hormones and metabolism, you will still need to master your thoughts and actions as well in order to have the lasting results that you desire.
Do you trust me yet?
Then let’s get started!

Here’s what you get when you join my 
Members Only Motivated Metabolism group:

What You Get...

Weekly LIVE Coaching with ME via Webinar
Value: $97 / Week
Grocery Exchange List categorized by food groups so you can choose foods that work best for you
Value: $97
Exercise Exchange List so you can cater your workouts to your personal needs
Value: $97
Portion guidelines to help you learn exactly how much and what your body needs to heal and reset
Value: $97
Daily 24/7 support via FB Group
Daily recipes and ideas that fit into your plan via FB group
Value: $27 / Day
Mindset coaching and practical thought model coaching
Value: $197

Member Portal

Lifetime Access to our Member Portal 24/7
10 Day Whole Food Detox Program
You will receive all of the daily recipes needed along with a full grocery list, instructions AND unlike other detoxes out there, you will also receive a simple and effective maintenance program providing you meals and simple workouts for you to continue this process even after your detox is complete.
Value: $450
Hours of coaching videos from me:
In addition to the weekly LIVE coaching calls with me, I have also recorded numerous coaching videos to help you understand more about this process, support you through your journey and how to master not only these methods but also your mindset.
Value: $397
Hundreds of workouts for all fitness levels and for home or gym
20 years of workout plans categorized from Beginner all the way to Competitive Edge and available to you in your member portal for a lifetime
Value: $7,500
Hundreds of healthy and balanced meal plans
20 years of meal plans categorized for what you need and available to you in your member portal for a lifetime
Value: $5,000
A LIFETIME program which means your success and results are inevitable because we are in this together for the long haul

That’s Almost $50,000 Worth Of Value
But Today, Your Getting All of This…

For Just



payment options available in check out through PayPal payment option
My Guarantee To You: If you follow the coaching and utilize the tools you are given your guaranteed to have measurable results.

(Due to the nature of the online content money back guarantees
can not be offered with our program.)

You really have only a few options here:

Stay where you are now hoping things will improve
(ask yourself how long you’ve been waiting?)
Try to figure it out on your own, yet again 
(ask yourself how that’s been working)
Do nothing (is this really what you want?)
Look at these facts, Look at these results, and for just 1 last time, TRUST that this is the thing that will finally make the difference you’ve been longing to have
Join The Motivated Metabolism Members Only Group New For A
One Time Payment Of Only $397.00
payment options available in check out through PayPal payment option
What you can expect once you’re in:
Once your payment has been received you will receive an email that will walk you through setting up your username and password for your member portal
Once logged into your member portal please follow Steps 1-7 which will include things like: taking your photos, how to take your measurements, printing out your portion guidelines and exchange lists, intro video and the beginning of your coaching videos
3. Request to be added to our Member Only Motivated Metabolism FB group (the link will be sent in your email)
Once you are in the FB group be sure to read our welcome page and check out all of our members, features, celebrations, recipes and more
Jump on this week’s LIVE coaching call and off we go!
payment options available in check out through PayPal payment option

Still not convinced? Or maybe you’re not
100% trusting in yourself with this decision?

I understand! How about we start with this 
free webininar where I explain more.

Here’s to you, your health, your wellness, 
and the joyful life you deserve to live!

-Coach J

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